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May 26, 2013

Memorial Day message from Colin Powell

Memorial Day is also a time to personally say thank you to all living veterans. Across our nation there are Memorial Day parades that move down small town streets and big city boulevards.... We cheer these beloved sons and daughters of America. But after the marching bands salute, after the parade has turned the corner and the music fades away in the distance, you and I must never forget the enormous adjustment our men and women make when they return home from war. Some face monumental physical, mental, spiritual and emotional challenges as they seek to reestablish their lives as they cope with the changes within themselves and their families brought on by the ravages of war. 

It’s easy to celebrate the brave men and women of our Armed Forces and appreciate their sacrifice on Memorial Day and then return to our daily lives. Let us practice the lesson of the Good Samaritan, to not pass by on the other side of those in need, but to reach out a helping hand as true neighbors. We can all do something. Volunteer to welcome our vets and their families back into the community, encourage employers to hire veterans, get involved with your local veterans organizations, simply listen to their stories. These men and women are our heroes who stood tall for us in every dangerous part of the world. They have kept us safe, so keep them and their families in your hearts and minds and find tangible ways to help and honor them always. Thank you and God bless our veterans.

-- The Honorable Colin Powell, 2013 National Memorial Day Concert

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