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June 15, 2016

AR-15 Tactical Carbine Firearms Course -- Sat. July 23rd, Morgan, Utah

Tactical Carbine/AR-15

This course covers tactical fundamentals for close-quarters engagement. Specifically meant for CQB operations, this course gives students of thorough knowledge of weapon operation and function, various types of reloads, immediate and remedial malfunctions, as well as tactical considerations for rapid deployment in urban terrain.


Saturday, July 23rd, 8am - noon


Morgan County Gun Range
870 E. Mahogany Ridge
Morgan‎ UT‎ 84050

What to bring:

300 rounds
Two or more magazines
Eye/Ear pro
Baseball-style hat

*Although the main topic will be CQB rifle instruction, if interested in doing transition drills, students can also bring a strong side holster with pistol and ammo

Instructor experience: