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I'm the author of four books: Warrior SOS, The Work of Death, Together Forever, and Leaders Wanted. I'm in the doc film Please Remove Your Shoes. I've blogged for The Washington Times, and I write for Guns.com. I've worked for the high-profile U.S.-led Roadmap to Mideast Peace in Israel and Palestine. I've also worked as a SWAT team leader, a Federal Air Marshal and a sole-source training instructor on a classified contract with a U.S. government customer. My master's degree is in Military Studies and terrorism. I'm a former noncommissioned and commissioned Army officer, with service in Iraq. I've been Scuba diving and skydiving; I have trained with members of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team, and I'm an FBI-trained crisis negotiator. My interests lie in helping others and in strengthening America through inspiring moral courage, government fiscal responsibility and accountability, and maintaining principles that have made--and will continue to make--the United States of America a blessed and prosperous country. I'm a father of six, a husband, and a police officer. I reside in Utah, and I'm a Mormon. See also https://jeffreydenning.wordpress.com.

April 23, 2013

Amputations, Wounds and a Prisoner of War

Yesterday I spoke to a man about his experiences while in Korea. He was there the same time I was. While walking along the DMZ, he said, his buddy stepped on a land mine. He said something hit him in the back; it felt like a sledge hammer. It was his buddies’ leg. 
I recently had lunch with another man who tried, unsuccessfully to kick a grenade out of the area which an enemy soldier had thrown during Operation Just Cause in Panama. 
I received an email from another man who was a Marine guard at the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon when it was hit with a truck bomb. His buddies died, and he eventually fainted from the loss of blood himself. 
And, last night after spending time with my family, I stayed up late reading the account of a POW from WWII sent by the editor of my forthcoming book, Warrior SOS. 

Update: Here's the book…

To read amazing interviews with warriors, check out Warrior SOS: Interviews, Insights and Inspiration, the book on Amazon.com. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D3WO7VK