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December 22, 2012

Is This Me? - Taken from OneWarriorWon.org


Taken from www.OneWarriorWon.org by Richard Brewer. 

You’re different since returning home?  Can’t sleep?  Have nightmares?  Can’t trust civilians anymore?  Need your back to the wall when you go out to public places?  Jump at loud noises?  Feel unsafe without a weapon? Everyday stuff seems tranquil and trite?  Small annoyances set you off?  Feeling aggressive always ready to defend or fight?  Drinking to calm the swirling and raging thoughts permeating your mind?  People telling you it’s ok to seek help, to admit you have “PTSD“, but being labeled as “crazy” or being mentally ill, just doesn’t seem right?

Well, you’re not crazy, not mentally ill.  You’re a combat vet, and all that you’ve experienced has pumped up your body’s alarm, like a car alarm set way too sensitively, so that a simple set of footsteps sets off the alarm.

You are not alone!!! Warriors since the start of time, after experiencing combat, seeing corpses, smelling burning flesh, spilled blood, or feeling death’s presence in the air, have been forever changed, and so are you.  Civilians too, raped, assaulted, motor vehicle crashes, even just witnesses to horror, get the same stuff.  Why?  Because the oldest part of our brain, our ancient hard- wiring, is first focused on survival.  And, millions of years ago, our ancestors who learned to either avoid a second go around with a life threatening situation, or managed to conquer the threat (kill the enemy) were more likely to survive and pass on their genes.

So what does this mean?  If you have flashbacks, nightmares, rage over small stuff, hyper-vigilance, emotional numbing, you do not have a mental illness, you are experiencing a natural, predictable, biological response to the trauma you have been exposed to.  You are continuing to do what allowed you to survive while in a life-threatening situation, while no longer in that situation. You have been injured and have Combat Stress, not a mental disorder. You have real pain and suffering that is preventing you from living the life you once knew and still deserve.

We will help you gain the knowledge to better understand your brain’s hard-wiring system, and help you see why you continue to experience the things that race through your mind, and why your body’s survival alarm is still set on high.  Armed with this knowledge we will be able to show you ways to begin to reset your own alarm and maintain it at a level that will allow you to react appropriately when needed, and peacefully exist in the civilian world and enjoy the life you rightful deserve.

Be sure to check out www.OneWarriorWon.org 

To read an amazing interview with the founder of One Warrior Won, check out Warrior SOS, the book on Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D3WO7VK

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