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January 5, 2012

Delta Force Commander Dalton Fury Interview

Former unit members busting caps in LA with Forest Gump. L to R: Dalton Fury, Tom Hanks, Pete Blaber, and Sean Walker. (Photo courtesy of Dalton Fury)

Dalton Fury is the nom de guerre for retired Delta Force commander and NYTimes best-selling author of Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man. His second book, Black Site: A Delta Force Novel, will be released Jan 31, 2012 and can be pre-purchased online. Among multiple accomplishments, he was also the military advisor for the just-released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Recently I had the extreme privilege of interviewing Mr. Fury on his career as a writer and military operator. Here is a transcript of that interview.

Jeffrey Denning: When you were in Delta Force, were any of your friends and neighbors aware of what you did for a living? If not, how difficult was it to live, in essence, a double life? And while you’re at home, do your neighbors know what you do for a living, or do they just assume you’re in one of the SF Groups at Bragg?

Dalton Fury:

Read the full interview here: http://www.guns.com/gunscom-interviews-delta-force-commander-dalton-fury.html

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  1. I just ordered the Black Site book on Audible. I'm looking forward to listening to it. It looks good!

  2. Jeff - I enjoyed the interview you had with Dalton Fury.


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